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who I am;
;my name is Elisa.
;I was born on 27th June 1995.
;I'm from Milan but I live in Rome.
;I'm silent, thoughtful.
;I speak only if it is necessary.
;and I need a hope, always.

  what I like;
♥  Maths.
   I love odd and prime numbers, binary code,
   probability and statistics.
   My favorite numbers are 13, 17, 19, 47.

♥  Higgs.
   I'd like to find it. And maybe it is possible.

♥  Tony & Ziva.
   When they smile once, I smile twice.

                   Tony, why are you here?
                               Couldn't live without you, I guess.
♥  Telefilms.
   Ncis; Fringe; Alias; Dr House; Chuck; Numb3rs.

♥  Shippers.
   Tony & Ziva; Michael & Sydney; Charlie & Amita;
    Peter & Olivia; Chuck & Sarah.

♥  Formula 1.
   Well, I was born in Monza *-*

♥  Movies.
   A Beautiful Mind; Seven Pounds; Dead Poets Society.

♥  Graphic.
   This is how I express myself.

♥  Making videos.
   I just need a song.

♥  Taking photos.
  Cats, streets, sad and alone people.

♥  Reading.
   My favorite books: "Ci sono bambini a zig-zag", David Grossman;
   "Il gioco dell'angelo", Carlos Ruiz Zafòn;
   "La scelta di Reuven", Chaim Potok.

                Marina, ti sei portata via tutte le risposte.           
                                   Marina, C.R.Zafòn

                   Settimane di nostalgia e solitudine:
                        muse gemelle della creatività.
                             Il dono di Asher Lev, C.Potok.
                         Vediamo se a questo mondo
                           esistono ancora i miracoli.

                    Ci sono bambini a zig-zag, D.Grossman.

♥  Writing.

                       Ma ora Ytzkah non c'è più.
      Non lo sentirò mai più gridare: "Più su! Più su!"
                   e mai più potrò toccare il cielo
         perchè solo lui poteva insegnarmi a farlo.
                                    Ziva, Frilencer.

♥  Thinking.

                   I wish I could prove something.
                                    My memoirs

♥  Music.
   My favorite songs: "Hallelujah", Kate Voegele;
   "Shattered", Traiding Yesterday;
   "Flowers for a ghost", Thriving Ivory;
   "Kangaroo Cry", Blue October.

               If she had wings she would fly away
            and another day God will give her some.

                        Carry you home, J. Blunt.

♥  Rain.
   Because I still want to be stunned
   by this miracle of the Science.
   The sky pours water.
   This is just amazing.

♥  Winter.
   It's cold. I'm cold.

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